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Location:Ohio, United States of America
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This is the DW community for members of the former mailing list, and anyone else that's interested. For the most part, the majority of us reside in Ohio, with some members located in other cities throughout the USA. We hang out at Revolution, Invasion, Quorum, Vex, The Chamber, The Dock, Outland, and wherever else we can find to waste time. Sometimes we cross the border into Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Sometimes we go to Chicago or New York. Most of us don't mind driving for a worthwhile event.

The main function of this community is for general discussion, event notices & promotion, band promotion, and club night information. Memes are discouraged and may be deleted at the community maintainer's discretion.

As a courtesy to other community members, please keep image posting to a minimum. Fliers are permitted and even encouraged, but try to be considerate to those on slow connections [ie: don't post non-web-friendly images. Some - but not all - of us run resolutions lower than 1024x728, so please try to keep the flier size reasonable for web viewing].
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